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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Joel and Lauren Christmas eCard! We hope you enjoy photos from our trip to Europe we enjoyed this past May. If you are having trouble viewing the photos, click here to view this eCard in your browser. As always, feel free to stop by and see what we've been up to this year.
- Love, Joel and Lauren
1.Volksgarten - Vienna, Austria 2.Rialto Bridge - Venice Italy 3.Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland 4.Snow Hiking - Gimmelwald, Switzerland 5.Jungrau Region - Berner Oberland, Switzerland
1. Volksgarten - Vienna, Austria (View more photos from Vienna)
We started and ended our trip in Vienna. Lauren studied abroad there for a semester in college and had always wanted to take me. It was a very beautiful city with so much history.

Fun Fact: The German word Damen does NOT mean men just because it has the word "men" in it. Joel learned this the hard way when he pushed open the door to the womens' restroom at a Café!
2. Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy (View more photos from Venice)
Venice is an easy night train's distance away from Vienna, so we decided to swing by on our way to Switzerland. It's very touristy, but everyone should see the canals sometime in life.

Fun Fact: We ate dinner at a somewhat nice restaurant where, as a side dish, we ordered what was called "potatoes" on the menu. When they brought them out, it was none other than a plate of French fries...not exactly what we expected in Italy!
3. Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland (View more photos from Zermatt)
After our stay in Venice, we headed for the famous Matterhorn (you know, the mountain in the Paramount pictures logo). The mountain was beautiful, but unfortunately it was engulfed in clouds all but one evening while we were there.

Fun Fact: Zermatt is strikingly similar to Gatlinburg, TN...we're pretty sure Zermatt came first though. It's a great place to go if you're dying to see the Matterhorn (as Joel was), but we probably won't stop by next time.
4. Snow Hiking - Gimmelwald, Switzerland (View more photos from Gimmelwald)
We were welcomed to the small town of Gimmelwald (only accessible by cable car or foot) by partly cloudy skies, and it was a pleasant 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The next morning (May 28) we woke up to none other than 12+ inches of snow! We had planned to do a lot of hiking in the area and, we were determined that a "little" snow wouldn't stop us.

Fun Fact: The Swiss are known for their incredible train system. Incredible it may be, but we dealt with quite a transportation mishap when the early summer snowstorm dumped heavy wet snow on the newly leafed out trees, causing them to fall across the tracks.
5. Jungfrau Region - Berner Oberland, Switzerland (See more photos from the Jungfrau)
After several days of snow and clouds we woke up to perfectly clear skies on our last day. We knew exactly where we needed to go..."The Top of Europe". The Top of Europe, a.k.a the "Jungfraujoch," takes visitors by train to 11,000+ feet to a fancy lookout that features views of famous mountains such as The Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. It's a tourist haven, but it's another great thing to see once in your life.

Fun Fact: High elevation + sun + snow = Sunburn!
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